One of the most common causes of pain is caused by running and vigorous exercise. Running places immense strain on the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, especially in the lower body. This increase in stress can cause the internal parts to rip or tear and cause inflammation of the joints. This will be especially apparent for those who are just starting out on a new fitness plan and the body is adjusting to the increased activity. Micro tears in the muscles can cause a deep pain that is noticeable upon movement and can make the recovery period quite an uncomfortable one.

Painkillers can give help reduce the pain caused by muscular tears and speed up the recovery process by allowing you to rest properly. As with muscles, these connective tissues need time and rest to repair themselves and for the pain to naturally subside away and this is better achieved when you are not in pain or discomfort. Pain management and the use of hot showers followed with icing any areas of pain can help lead to a quicker, less painful recovery. While painkillers such as Aspirin and Paracetamol can help relieve pain to a degree, stronger NSAIDs to be a better option as they can help relieve swelling and inflammation, reduce pain and make the injury much more bearable. You can also get paracetamol combined with codeine in one pill. That combination is called Co-Codamol in the UK and it’s extremely effective, delivering 30mg of codeine along with the 500mg of paracetamol. The UK is one of the few countries where you can still buy co-codamol 30/500mg tablets online at legal sites.

It is important to remember to get adequate rest when recovering from a running injury and not to attempt to undertake any further running until you are properly healed. Failure to do so can lead to further injury that can become a chronic problem that can reduce your mobility and cause long-term pain and discomfort. When taking painkillers to reduce the symptoms associated with running injuries, you should bear this in mind and not attempt to run again until you have properly healed.

Pain pills can be the perfect choice when it comes to recovering from muscle pain, torn ligaments and tendons and joint inflammation as the reduced pain helps you to get better rest leading to a speedier recovery. Combined with rest and elevating the problem areas, painkillers can provide pain relief that gives you better control over your pain management. When starting your exercise programme again, make sure to ease yourself into it gently for the first few days and monitor any past injuries to ensure that there is no pain in those areas. If you experience pain beyond the usual muscle aches when running, stop immediately and take a rest.